Hope is the thing with feathers: a poetry project

a cool community sourced poetry project for National Poetry Month 2020

Despite the fact that it’s now May, I’d like to peep back into April.

April is National Poetry Month – a highlight for my fellow ALA members, I bet, since every year the April issue of American Libraries includes a unique poster created especially to celebrate the month. I’m sure many of your office doors, like mine, have been brightened with those posters.

The global pandemic nixed some programming we’d hoped to present around National Poetry Month. I expect we’re not alone in that!

But we really love poetry! And we love our community, too, so our team came up with a really neat idea – we’d do an online ‘exquisite corpse‘ poem, then we’d record ourselves reading the whole thing through and share the recording. We decided to call it “Exquisite Hope” because, well, reasons. And hope and stuff.

The community came through with some really lovely words that made a beautiful and timely poem [text here], and the process of recording it with several colleagues was also a real pleasure. Special kudos to Caroline Sinkinson for her work producing the awesome video.