Baked Good: The Pastry Box Project

A couple weeks ago, a piece I wrote was published on the Pastry Box Project.

My essay is called The Stuff of Life. It’s about my grandma, and library websites, and content strategy. I got to reference metadata in the context of black holes. I think I might be addicted to essay writing.

What is the Pastry Box Project, my librarian colleagues may be asking?

Well, it’s super cool. As put by founder Alex Duloz, the Pastry Box Project’s interest is in enabling “people to share their thoughts about their work, the industries they’re developing in, and themselves. The topic was so obvious that I didn’t even consider another option: people shaping the web would be put at center stage, people who contribute to building the touch and feel of an era, with an emphasis on UX and design.” I encourage you to read a bit more about their philosophy, format, etc.

Contributors are called bakers. For a person with my cookbook collection, it was like destiny. A super-awesome destiny where you suddenly realize your name is on a web page surrounded by the names of people you recognize from your bookshelf and Twitter feed.

Happily, the fine folks at the Pastry Box Project are still taking submissions through the end of this month. Go on, send in your thought.

A final note: The Internet is a wondrous place. You can buy a rubber duck for nearly any theme you fancy – stop right there, I was thinking of graduation ducks, we have student employees, our department used to be called DUX – and you can also make connections with people you’d not likely otherwise encounter, like, say, the person who owns

So that was really cool too! Thanks to all the kind souls who took the time to comment. And many thanks to Anne Haines for her strong encouragement that led to me submitting my thought. 🙂